Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chalk paint..

When I was in JB, I used to work at Starbucks. Err.. Nak ada disclaimer ke?? I had the chance to expose my skills on A-Board (Ala.. Board yg kt depan Starbucks tuh). In other words, I was an 'artist' to manage and do all the chalk staffs on the A-Board plus Daily Offerings Board (Boleh dilihat di gambar di atas). Anyway, I did almost more than 50 paintings while I was working there. But only these what I've got from my hardisc. :(


  1. holla mr jas
    my blog guna html code
    so mmg tiada setting follower kat luar tu

    u kene pergi ke dashboard

    dan copy my url di ADD reading list


  2. tq for dropping my blog.

    well, nice graphic. i like your design.

    hmm, i guess you are one of the starbuck and coffee bean fan, aite ? since i can see the paintings/drawings are reflecting both names. sorry, if i am wrong

    i take your opinion and thanks a lot. well, it is up to you to choose aite ? i just apply "worth it" concept. if i think it is worth it, i just grab it without second thoughts. if not, i have to do some calculation and proceed with some reality check but sometimes, i just forget about the concept. heheheh

    about the TTM, i guess, i am not a long term relationship type guy. i love the emotion and the feeling of being attached but i am feel uneasy with the word declaration and tie up da knot.

    dont know, maybe for the time being, i would like to be free and single and mingle with anyone that i like without fear of being dishonest or unloyal to partners...oops, partner

    it is not dat i dont like to be in love, been there and done that. i am romantic and loving person and it is just my style. i cannot help it when someone fall in love with me and wanna be more than just TTM which really scare me and i will make my move to run away. it freak me out, man.