Monday, March 2, 2009

Synergy : Design & Interior Sdn Bhd

Synergy was another client of mine, my very old friends from UTM asked me to design his new logo for his new company. I did 4 choices (which just tukar layout, composition and kaler sana-sini to each logo) for him and he chose my first logo to be his very first logo to the company.





So, after changing font, color here and there. This is the final product!

The process of creating an artwork is very important. By that process we learn how to enhance the logo meanwhile we learn how to make an artwork impressive. When I was a student, I was absorbed by this this abbreviation and until now I still remember it. It is B.A.S.I.C.

B: Brief
A: Analysis
S: Synthesis
I: Implement
C: Communication

The company's businesscard!!! Macammane?? Ok?? Tp mcm susah nak bagi customer baca. Mencabar!


  1. tetap ada kaler pink kannnnnn heheheheh - zack nassier

  2. Haha! Btol2.. I pun konfius dgn kwn I yg request kaler pink nih..